Victoria in Nagasaki, Japan

This blog was born an as part of Griffin + Bell Education, the educational consultancy, tuition agency and online video learning platform (coming soon...) which I run with my husband, Matt. Check it out if you’re looking for support for your kids, either in the form of a private tutor, compelling online lessons, or some friendly advice. Our aim is to give the very best support to parents and children when it comes to choosing schools, handling exams, planning careers and building their understanding and self-esteem - without the stress and pressure. Our office is in Marylebone, London, and we live nearby in Hampstead.

Griffin + Bell is all about learning. I love learning. I learn everyday. Learning goes way beyond the classroom, in my opinion. It’s an attitude to life. It’s a habit of thought. It’s a spirit of adventure. I love teaching too, mainly because I want to instil kids with a passion for finding out about the world around them, and the courage to express their own ideas. This blog is part of my mission to inspire inquiring minds and promote creativity, productivity, confidence and all-round adventures in education. It’s also a chance for me to track some of the best lessons that I’ve learnt as a young woman running a business in London, and starting my own family.

Happy reading!

Victoria x