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Oops. It seems that 7 months have slipped by since my last blog post.

Life has been busy. My little girl is about to turn one. It feels insane to think that a year has passed since she was held up before me like Simba in the Lion King.... Now she's telling me 'No, no, no' at every opportunity, wearing her first proper shoes and challenging me to rescue her beloved Bunny from increasingly bizarre hiding places (the bin, a welly-boot, the middle of the road, a random hole in the ground into which she managed to pitch Bunny with terrifying dead-eye precision). We love her to tiny pieces.

I'm going to be adding to this blog more regularly again now. My aim is to help parents and fellow tutors encourage creativity and confidence in their kids. I advocate inspiring education and parenting - without any pushing or pressure. If there's one thing being mum to an 11 month-old has taught me, as I watch her point in amazement at autumn leaves, or applaud wildly at her own first steps, it's this: learning should always be about wonder and enchantment.

I'm also hoping to share more of my tutorial videos via this blog page... watch this space!

Here are 10 things I will write about soon. I'm hoping that writing this list ensures that I actually put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

1. Inspiring Excursions

2. The changes to the 11+ exams for London Girls' schools and the rise in reasoning tests (reasoning is not an aspect of education that fills me with 'wonder'...)

3. Screen Time

4. My soon-to-be launched TED-Ed Lesson (VERY exciting!)

5. Homeschooling - the pros and the cons

6. Vocabulary - how to learn more words (without swallowing a dictionary or learning by rote)

7. The wonderful new creative mag for kids, Scoop

8. How to write a poem when you're not a poet (and maybe discover that you are a poet after all)

9. 'Pushy' Parents

10. Reading Aloud


TED-Ed VIDEO LAUNCHED... How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful

TED-Ed VIDEO LAUNCHED... How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful

Handling Nerves - An Actor's Perspective

Handling Nerves - An Actor's Perspective